Part 2a – Some Thoughts from Montpellier

Whilst on my travels I kept a notebook by my side and wrote in it whenever I had a thought.  Here is a selection of them whilst in Montpellier.

– (Before leaving Barcelona and after having a lie-in whilst everyone else packed up and cleaned up) I don’t know why I was so tired.  Didn’t want to wake up at all.  Glad I packed all my things the night before.  I guess it was because I was apprehensive about the journey ahead on my own.  Time spent with friends was great and none of us really wanted it to end so soon.  In an odd way i wanted to go to London with them, not to go home as much as not wanting to break the rapport we had built.

– (Whilst in the apartment in Montpellier) I am Literally sitting in an old French apartment listening to Django Rhinehart.  I am either living like every foreigners idealized image of how all French urbanites live, or I have suddenly een transported into a Woody Allen movie – sitting here as I do alone with my own neurosis and internal monologue of how my life is going at the moment and what it all means within the grand scheme or things.

– I have found it a little hard thinking of the correct words in French and Spanish.  I am now in France and i still have Spanish words in my head.  Do people fluent in both languages have a similar problem?  I don’t get it between English and Cantonese, but there is a greater difference between the two than between French and Spanish.  I also realize that I know more than I think I do, but I’m not so good in the heat of the moment.

– Time runs really slowly here.  I spent an hour in the laundrette before heading out to see the sights.  Not having a map makes that quite hard.

– Spent what felt like an age in a pharmacy looking for razors but they don’t seem to sell razors in shops here.

– Montpellier sure is small.  Despite not having a clue where I am in relation to anything I have yet to get lost.  My navigational skills have come in handy, and in small places like this, it is almost impossible to get lost.  Barcelona was a lot bigger.

– Spoken French seems to move so fast.  But thinking about when I help people at work I must seem to be talking really fast as well to someone who doesn’t speak very good English.

– I have come to the cinema.  Sod the sun, sod the sight-seeing, films is where it’s at.

– Montpellier is a wonderful place!  I only spent one day here and I really love it.  All the little streets are delightful and full of wonder, the plazas are not too busy and great places to hang out, the locals are laid back and friendly.

– I think I really got lucky with the place I am staying.  I think this is the more bohemian part of the old town.  The University is close by, there are some fashionable shops and plenty of good places to eat good reasonably priced food.

-Everytime I visit Europe I have an strong urge to learn the language that is spoken in whatever country I’m in.  I always feel that I would invest the time into it.  I never have before due to the immense effort it requires.  Is this the year that I finally put forth the effort?



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