“Sightseers” review

My opinion is everyone should go and watch this film.

It isn’t amazing and it isn’t going to leave you in awe.  But it is a beautiful film.  The characters are pitch perfect – charming but wickedly cruel.  They are jealous, proud, and very British.

I see that there is a little bit of a celebration of holidaying in England.  I think that the Crich Tramways Museum may see an increase in numbers after people see this film.  Two of the three writers, Alice Lowe and Steve Oram (Amy Jump being the third), play the sightseers of the title.  They researched the film by holidaying in a caravan and said that as they were researching they realised just how beautiful England could be if only we took the time to see it.

Now I want to visit the Crich Tramways Museum.  I have already been to the Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick (home of the world’s first pencil!).  That was a trip I made last year in March for a day trip when I was researching how pencils were made.  I also want to see the Ribblehead viaduct, or actually any viaduct because for some reason I find viaducts really beautiful.

The treatment of these various places could easily have been ‘the butt of jokes’ as director Ben Wheatley says, but they weren’t.  They were more of an introduction to they kinds of things that there are in England that one may want to visit.  I often feel that these places are not taken seriously, and it is easy to see how they could have been ridiculed for a cheap laugh.  But they are wonderful authentic places.

I shall defer to film critic for the Guardian, Peter Bradshaw for a conclusion, a conclusion that I happen to agree with:

“[t]he chilling and transgressive flourishes are carried off with deadpan confidence; it’s a distinctive and brutally unsettling piece of work.”

His full review here: Peter Bradshaw Guardian review of Sightseers.

Go see it.



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