The answer to everything is ‘more science’.


Because it stops you acting on gut feelings. Because it regards eye witness testimony as the lowest form of evidence. Because it understands that we are fallible. Because it encourages questions. Because it doesn’t respect authority. Because it doesn’t take things personally. Because it insists that you rigorously check and re-check everything. Because it changes its mind upon the production of new evidence. Because it doesn’t have favourites. Because, although it is aloof and objective, it can give us insight into what really makes us happy or sad. Because it invites scrutiny and criticism. Because it doesn’t get offended.  Because it isn’t patriotic. Because it isn’t sentimental. Because it’s neither good nor evil, just descriptive. Because although its weak, human practitioners make mistakes, the remedy is more science. Because it regulates itself. Because it’s full of doubts. Because it knows that it knows nothing for sure. Because it works.

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